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Wolf Head Chalice
Wolf Head Chalice
Wolf Head Chalice
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Wolf Head Chalice

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Wolves are often depicted on many ancient goblets and items, such as swords and shields, symbolizing the wolf's guardianship, loyalty, instinctual trust, emotion, and spirit. On this goblet, a wolf head is displayed to express these qualities in an age-old way, perfect for those who love antique-style items. It also makes the perfect prop for parties and acting scenes!

The Wolf Head Goblet is a creative gift idea and can be safely used for drinking your favorite beverages, such as classic wine or even juice if you're feeling creative in the mornings. It is made of pewter, colored cast resin, metal lining, and ornate red stones. Using it makes you feel apart of the Medieval era!

  • Size: 7.5" high
  • Wolf head design
  • Ornate red stone accents & intricate details
  • Useable for drinking
  • Antique pewter colored cast resin with metal lining