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Whole Bay Leaves (1 oz)
Whole Bay Leaves (1 oz)
Whole Bay Leaves (1 oz)
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Whole Bay Leaves (1 oz)

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Once worn in ancient Greece as wreaths, today, Whole Bay Leaves are used for various spiritual and remedial purposes. While one may use it to enhance their memory for learning, another may take advantage of its symbol of good fortune or success. It can also be used spiritually, such as under the pillow for prophetic dreams, or to write wishes on for burning, perhaps helping them come true. 

Bay leaves may also be placed around corners of a room to protect your home. With so many uses, this is a versatile leaf and a great addition to any practitioner's arsenal of herbs and organic elements. The distinctly pleasant scent has a slightly floral and woody fragrance. 

  • Whole bay leaves
  • Enhances memory
  • Good fortune & success
  • Place under your pillow for prophetic dreams
  • Pleasant scent
  • Not food-grade