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What Is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFae
What Is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFae
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What Is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFae

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Connect with the spirits around you and discover new interactions with them with the help of this essential book, "What Is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFae." LeFae has provided various exercises and instructions for beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners to help them deepen their connection and understanding of the spirits around them. 

Grow yourself spiritually and emotionally with Phoenix LeFae's instructional help in this must-read. Develop your Place of Power and learn to reach out to other realms of existence, with hands-on techniques that you can start implementing into your spiritual practices immediately. 

  1. Author Phoenix LeFae
  2. Helps you connect with the spirits
  3. Discover new interactions with deities, fae, etc.
  4. Grow spiritually & emotionally
  5. Various exercises & instructions
  6. Suitable for beginners & experienced spiritual practitioners