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Vanilla in Jojoba Essential Oil (10mL)
Vanilla in Jojoba Essential Oil (10mL)
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Vanilla in Jojoba Essential Oil (10mL)

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Feeling restless? The Vanilla in Jojoba Essential Oil may aid you towards a calmer and more optimal mood with its enhancing properties. Its comforting effects help relieve stress, anxiety, anger, and restlessness, with prominent sedative properties that can also soothe inflammation. 

Combined with its refreshingly sweet scent, one's entire mood can change simply with a whiff of its aromatic fragrance. This oil can also be used as an antioxidant to help rejuvenate your skin or hair, and as such, you can safely incorporate it into your daily routine with various lotions or toners. 

  • Made with Vanilla & Jojoba
  • Calms & enhances mood
  • May relieve stress, anxiety, anger, restlessness
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Refreshingly sweet
  • Optimizes skin & hair
  • 10ml size
  • External Use Only