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Unicorn Suncatcher  - 6"
Unicorn Suncatcher  - 6"
Unicorn Suncatcher  - 6"
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Unicorn Suncatcher - 6"

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The Unicorn Suncatcher blends a mystical, fantasy style with a decorative design to add beauty to the space. Its glass construction allows the sunlight to pass through and cast across the surroundings for a gorgeous visual display. 

Unicorns symbolize freedom, divinity, magic, and purity, well-known and admired for their gorgeous white coat and distinct horn at the top of their head. Many use this symbol for good luck, positivity, and joy. Behind the unicorn in this design is a stunning moon-lit landscape with incredible detail. 

Unicorn-lovers or spiritual practitioners would love this as a unique gift idea.

  • Glass design
  • Hanging chain
  • Unicorn artwork
  • Mystical style
  • 6" size