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The Kraken Mirror
The Kraken Mirror
The Kraken Mirror
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The Kraken Mirror

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The Kraken Mirror brings forth the most curious and intriguing figure from the mythological depths of legend - the Kraken. With the tentacles used as a border for the mirror, one can feel a part of a foreign, legendary world when they gaze into this mirror to check their appearance or get prepared for the day.

Fitted with a clear, reflective mirror and finished with the characteristic Kraken tentacles, you can complete the themed look of your home with this Kraken Mirror or gift it to someone who loves legendary things! Not to mention, it also makes an excellent prop for scenes and parties. Match it with our Kraken Hand Mirror to finish the look!

  • Kraken-themed
  • Decorative tentacles used as a border
  • Reflective mirror design
  • Check your appearance, do your makeup, etc