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Sodalite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Sodalite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Sodalite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Soulstice Shoppe

Sodalite Tower

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An abyss of blue and swirls of contrasting colors, this gorgeous Sodalite Tower is made using genuine Sodalite stone - the crystal of insight that helps clear and stimulate the consciousness. Sodalite corresponds with the third eye chakra and is often used during meditation practices for focus. 

The Sodalite Tower has a unique shape with a flat base that can sit upright on your dresser, side table, altar, and various other places around the house/office to help you align your body and soul together. 

Furthermore, Sodalite can assist with healing skin inflammation, irritations, jaundice, boosting your metabolism, and lowering blood pressure. 

  1. Made with genuine Sodalite
  2. Shaped into a crystal tower
  3. Clears & stimulates the consciousness
  4. Crystal of insight
  5. Corresponds with the third eye chakra
  6. Helps with inflammation, metabolism, skin irritations, etc.
  7. A 2" tall