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Silver Taper Candle (9")
Silver Taper Candle (9")
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Silver Taper Candle (9")

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The shiny silver tone of the Silver Taper Candle reflects brilliantly when lit, dispersing beautiful illumination around the area for decorative or spiritual purposes. The metallic silver coloring adds a unique candlelight that can also help enhance your candle magick spells while lighting up the surroundings. 

Use the Silver Taper Candle with one of our candle holders and admire the way the candlelight reflects off the metallic coating in the most mesmerizing way. You can combine it with several of the same or mix it with the Gold Taper Candles for a unique impression. 

  1. Silver color
  2. Bright illumination from the silver tone
  3. Ideal for spiritual or decorative use
  4. 9" tall