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Rosemary Sage Smudge Stick (8")
Rosemary Sage Smudge Stick (8")
Rosemary Sage Smudge Stick (8")
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Rosemary Sage Smudge Stick (8")

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Rosemary and Sage have a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits when used for smudging a particular area. The Rosemary Sage Smudge Stick features the woody, perennial rosemary herb with traditional sage to help cleanse a home of negativity while strengthening one's mental clarity. This makes it an ideal choice for those in a meditative space. 

The addition of the rosemary with the sage also provides a fragrant experience with a distinct evergreen scent. Use the Rosemary Sage smudge stick for healing, cleansing, and ritual ceremonies. 

  • Rosemary & sage
  • Useful for cleansing & smudging areas
  • Ideal for new homes, sacred spaces, meditating, etc.
  • Distinct evergreen aroma
  • 8" size
  • Sold individually & as a pack