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Rose Hydrosol Mist
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Rose Hydrosol Mist

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Rose Hydrosol Spray is a special blend of hydrosol and rose essential oil, created to help those with skin redness, irritation, cuts, scars, burns, and more. With its powerful antioxidants, hydrating formula, and effortless spray application, you can revitalize your skin at any time and on the go. 

The Rose Hydrosol Spray is suitable for all skin types, particularly mature skin, to help strengthen and relieve many kinds of skin frustrations. 

  1. Suitable for all skin types (+ mature skin)
  2. Soothes irritations & redness
  3. Powerful antioxidants
  4. Helps heal cuts, scars, burns
  5. Relieves headaches
  6. Spray application
  7. Hydrosol + Rose essential oil