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Red Jasper Lotus Pendant
Red Jasper Lotus Pendant
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Red Jasper Lotus Pendant

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This stunning Red Jasper Lotus Pendant holds powerful meaning and a beautiful display of passion, life, and energy. Red Jasper is symbolic for bringing self-confidence to one, building up their fearlessness, increasing their enthusiasm, and is a call to action for those needing excitement in their life. 

The red jasper gemstone is encased within an intricate lotus flower design, which represents purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Together, the combination of the red jasper and lotus flower creates a striking expression for its wearer. It's a unique gift idea for a friend, lover, relative, or for yourself. 

  1. Red Jasper gemstone
  2. Intricate lotus flower design
  3. Brings self-confidence & fearlessness
  4. Increases enthusiasm
  5. Vibrant red color symbolic for passion, life, energy
  6. Chain not included (pendant only)
  7. 1.25"