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Owl Tote Bag
Owl Tote Bag
Owl Tote Bag
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Owl Tote Bag

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Ideal for everything from groceries and library books to clothes and beach essentials, this Owl Tote Bag is a must-have for those who love owls and avoiding plastic waste. Its reusable design allows you to switch the plastic bags for this more convenient, durable, sturdy, and ECO-friendly alternative, which can bear a larger weight and looks way more stylish! 

Owls represent paranormal wisdom, regal silence, fierce intelligence, wisdom, and endurance - now, you can carry these qualities with you wherever you go with the Owl Tote Bag. The intricate owl design is washed with a soft blue color scheme, reminding us of the night sky that owls wander. 

  1. Intricate owl design
  2. Washed with a soft blue color scheme
  3. Reusable design
  4. Carry anything with ease
  5. 18"x18"
  6. Made of Cotton