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Opalite Gemstone Beads (8mm)
Opalite Gemstone Beads (8mm)
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Opalite Gemstone Beads (8mm)

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Embrace your creative side with the Opalite Gemstone Beads as a lovely way to add color and spiritual symbolism to your DIY crafts. These beads are perfect for any craft involving jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces, as well as ornaments or any decorative object. 

The Opalite gemstone has numerous properties, including improved communication, transition, and help in removing or preventing chakra blockages. The beads arrive loose in approximately 8mm size and with pre-inserted holes, ready for your next DIY activity. 

  • Made with authentic Opalite gemstone
  • Ideal for DIY bracelets, necklace, ornaments, etc.
  • The stone of communication
  • Removes & prevents chakra blockages
  • 8mm size - sold as a pack of approx. 25 beads