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Moroccan Red Rose Buds (1/2 oz.)
Moroccan Red Rose Buds (1/2 oz.)
Moroccan Red Rose Buds (1/2 oz.)
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Moroccan Red Rose Buds (1/2 oz.)

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This mystical blend of Moroccan Red Rose Buds has numerous uses for adding a lovely scent and unique properties to your everyday items. Use them for your bath sachets, candles, soaps, wedding tosses, dream pillows, floral water, shampoo, lotions, and so much more. 

These red rose buds are naturally sun dried and can boost your health significantly with their high antioxidant content, minerals, and vitamin C, therefore helping you cope with health issues like anxiety and stress. Eliminate the stress both physically and mentally with this healthy, nourishing, and organic botanical. 

  • Premium Moroccan red rose buds
  • Naturally sun dried
  • Boost your health (stress, anxiety, immune system)
  • Wide range of uses such as bath sachets & candles