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Loose Juniper (1/2 oz.)
Loose Juniper (1/2 oz.)
Loose Juniper (1/2 oz.)
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Loose Juniper (1/2 oz.)

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Juniper has been in use for centuries for various reasons, with the earliest recorded use in ancient Egypt for aiding digestion. Today, many enjoy its fragrant aroma, which is particularly woody, clean, and spicy. When inhaled, juniper can make one feel calmed and grounded while cleansing and purifying the surrounding air. 

This loose juniper can be sprinkled over burning charcoal tablets to release its fragrant aroma within the area - whether that be the entrance hallway, a bedroom, or your private spiritual space. 

  1. Loose Juniper herbs sealed inside
  2. Woody, clean, & spicy scent
  3. Calming & grounding
  4. Cleanses & purifies the air
  5. Half Ounce Size