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Loose Angelica Root (1 oz)
Loose Angelica Root (1 oz)
Loose Angelica Root (1 oz)
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Loose Angelica Root (1 oz)

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Angelica root, also known as wild celery or root of the Holy Ghost, is a herb originating in Europe. Due to its fatty acid exaltolide, angelica root is often used as a fixative. In a magical sense, it is used to protect against negativity, for purification, hexes, and curses. Its powerful properties help to promote healing, temperance, and to regain a lost love. 

In fact, Archangel Michael once had a dream that this root was the antidote for the plague. Many utilize it for medicinal purposes like flatulence, arthritis, nervousness, and insomnia. With its loose, cut design, this Angelica root features a warm, sweet scent with notes of licorice that also makes it a delightful choice for herbal tea blends. 

  • Cut angelica root
  • Used for purification, protection, etc.
  • Used as a fixative
  • Originates in Europe
  • For magick or medicinal purposes