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Kitchen Table Magic by Melissa Cynova
Kitchen Table Magic by Melissa Cynova
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Kitchen Table Magic by Melissa Cynova

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Kitchen Table Magic by author Melissa Cynova covers the practice of magic at the kitchen table, with instructions on simple prayers, spells, and rituals that will contribute to positive improvement in one's life. Cynova has created a clear, simple guide with a witty style to help the reader fall in love with the practice of magic for love, protection, luck, and more. 

With tips from the master of magic herself, Kitchen Table Magic is a gentle approach for those just getting started in the ways of magic and their magical journey. Learn about spells, gemstones, tarot cards, crystals, and various other tools to enhance the magic in your life. 

  • Author Melissa Cynova
  • Tips & tricks of magic & magical tools
  • Simple guide with clear instructions
  • Ideal for beginners