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Jericho Flower
Jericho Flower
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Jericho Flower

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Discover the unique and bizarre magical properties of the Jericho Flower for yourself. This Mexican desert plant is also known as the "Resurrection Flower" due to its ability to come back to life, even after dying. Many have experienced its power to bring peace and harmony and eliminate negativity.

Some also use the Jericho Flower as a traditional form of medicine for numerous health issues, like the common cold or asthma. Ancient use included using its rarity for Voodoo and Santeria traditions, embracing its power for spells involving money and love. Test this magical botanical to learn how it can be used to benefit you in your spiritual journey!

  • Mexican desert plant "Jericho"
  • Mysterious magical properties
  • Known as the "Resurrection Flower" for its rebirth abilities
  • Solid individually & in a pack