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Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone
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Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone

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Meditate, pray, and dream more deeply with the mystifying Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone. Indigo Gabbro is a special type of rock that forms in the Earth's crust and is believed to help you get through your deepest issues by giving strength, courage, and love. While often used to assist meditation and dreaming, it also looks beautiful and mysterious, making it a perfect decoration too. 

The Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone transmits clear messages, helping you connect with your higher consciousness. It comes from Madagascar, and each stone will vary slightly due to its unique nature. Give it as a thoughtful gift to fans of spirituality and magic, or add it to your home's collection of intriguing stones. 

  1. Indigo Gabbro stone
  2. Gives you strength, courage, & love
  3. Ideal for meditation & dreaming
  4. From Madagascar
  5. Sizes will vary between each stone due to their unique nature