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Tibetan Dorje 3.25"
Tibetan Dorje 3.25"
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Tibetan Dorje 3.25"

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A Tibetan Dorje, also known as a Vajra, is a ritualistic item that symbolizes irresistible force and indestructibility, displayed with a club-like design with a unique interconnecting shape. This enlightening object also depicts the two forms of truth - relative and absolute. As they meet in the middle, this produces the sphere of actual reality. 

There are two discs on the outer parts that depict the 5 Buddha families, 5 elements, and 5 skandhas. Use the Dorje spiritually to uplift the truth in rituals as the ancient Tibetan Buddhists once did to banish dishonesty. The object is made with bronze that gives it a characteristic antique finish. 

  • Ancient Tibetan symbol
  • Used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals
  • Symbol of enlightenment
  • Bring forth the truth
  • 25" length