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Gold Taper Candle (9")
Gold Taper Candle (9")
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Gold Taper Candle (9")

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Adorn your home with the beautiful candlelight from these Gold Taper Candles. The golden color helps the candlelight shine brightly around the space, giving the surroundings a luminescent glow for atmospheric, decorative, or spiritual use. These candles provide a firm base for candle magick and feature a tall 9" size that will last for hours. 

Position the Gold Taper Candles in one of our candle holders and create a space where you can relax, embrace the vivid illumination, and meditate or carry on with your evening as per usual with the help of their subtle glow rather than typical lighting. 

  • Golden color
  • Bright illumination from the gold tone
  • Ideal for spiritual or decorative use
  • 9" tall