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Glow in the Dark Mala Beads
Glow in the Dark Mala Beads
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Glow in the Dark Mala Beads

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Used for centuries in Buddhist and Hindu meditation and prayers, Mala Beads will appeal to those who want to embrace these practices in a more ritualistic way. Our Glow in the Dark Mala Beads are particularly unique, featuring a vibrant green color that glows fluorescently in the dark to help guide your way and meditation. 

The Mala Beads are 108 beads long and have the traditional decorative tassel at the end. They can be similarly compared to Catholic rosaries, aided in counting the repetition of a particular mantra or phrase. They are deeply symbolic and traditional, ideal for gifting or using in your own personal practices. 

  1. 108 beads (8mm long)
  2. Glows in the dark
  3. Vibrant green color
  4. Used for spiritual mantras