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Ganesh Mask Wall Hanging 5.5"
Ganesh Mask Wall Hanging 5.5"
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Ganesh Mask Wall Hanging 5.5"

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Walls feeling empty? The Ganesh Mask Wall Ornament is a stunning addition to any wall with its extravagant solid brass design and honey gold finish. The exquisite detail of Ganesh is vivid, showcasing a face mask style that can keep watch over you and your home when hung. 

Ganesh is a Hindu god, the lord of good fortune who enriches people with prosperity, fortune, and success. Commonly known as the remover of obstacles and lord of beginnings, it's a great choice for those seeking a fresh start and a way to help get past significant challenges in life. This is not merely a stunning display but also a powerfully meaningful one. Hang it in the entrance hallway to welcome guests, in the living room to look upon as you relax in the afternoons, or even in the bedroom as an inspiration. 

  • Solid brass design
  • Honey gold finish
  • Iconic Ganesh face mask
  • Beautiful wall display
  • Grand spiritual symbol