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Fluorite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Fluorite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Fluorite Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Soulstice Shoppe

Fluorite Tower

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The stunning, colorful design of this Fluorite Tower looks beautiful in any home as not only a decorative touch but also a spiritual one. Fluorite is a stone used primarily for protection and focus, promoting free-thinking and intuition. It enhances the mind significantly, corresponding to the 3rd eye chakra - also known as the Solar Plexus. 

Made with genuine fluorite stone and shaped into an upright tower with a flat base, this Fluorite Tower draws away negative energy and stress for a powerful cleansing effect. When placed in a particular area, it helps purify your body and the surrounding air. It also has many health benefits, helping with emotional trauma, colds, flu-like symptoms, and arthritic conditions. 

With such a beautiful color scheme, anyone will no doubt fall in love with the Fluorite Tower as a spiritual decoration for their home!

  1. Made with real Fluorite stone
  2. Upright tower design
  3. Good for protection & focus
  4. Beautiful colors
  5. Corresponds to the 3rd eye chakra
  6. Enhances the mind
  7. Various health benefits
  8. Approx. 2" tall

Size comparison in picture is to a U.S. Dime

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