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Eucalyptus & Sage Mini Smudge Stick
Eucalyptus & Sage Mini Smudge Stick
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Eucalyptus & Sage Mini Smudge Stick

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For centuries, eucalyptus and sage were used in witchcraft, rituals, ceremonies, and cleansing practices, in addition to their healing properties. Once you start burning the Eucalyptus & Sage Smudge Stick, you can spread it around the affected area or use it as a preventative measure in your home to ward off evil and negativity.

 The uplifting scent of the eucalyptus with the sage creates a detoxifying minty, pine fragrance that will quickly create a cooling sensation within the surroundings. It can be used merely for aromatic purposes or for your rituals, ceremonies, and cleansing. 

  • Eucalyptus & sage
  • Ideal for rituals, ceremonies, cleansing
  • 3-4" long
  • String colors may vary