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Enchanted Herbal by Gail Bussi
Enchanted Herbal by Gail Bussi
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Enchanted Herbal by Gail Bussi

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Grow your spirituality and magic with the guidance of Gail Bussi's "Enchanted Herbal" book. This exciting, practical, and fulfilling journey takes you through the Bussi's gifts and lessons featuring knowledge of all things herbs, flowers, and utilizing their power to the fullest potential. Enjoy learning dozens of unique rituals, recipes, meditations, and even prompts for journaling to nourish your spirituality and to become the most joyful version of yourself. 

Discover how to grow your own herbs and flowers, add essential oils to your magical practices, and learn from nature itself to create renewing remedies and appreciate what it can do. You'll also learn how to make various foods, drinks, and household products like teas, oils, lotions, balms, soups, cakes, and more! 

  1. By author Gail Bussi
  2. Filled with nature lessons
  3. Practical tips & guidance
  4. Recipes, mediations, rituals, journaling prompts
  5. Instructions on maximizing the use of herbs/flowers
  6. Learn to grow & utilize nature