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Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford
Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford
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Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford

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Dr. John Mumford reveals the secrets of erotic mysticism in his Ecstasy Through Tantra guide on achieving cosmic consciousness. Filled with tantric practices and influential sexual techniques, Mumford has discovered the best ways to expand your sexual love and passion while pushing your mind to reach new heights. 

Mumford's forty years of experience gives you new and tested ways to bring magick back into your sexual relationship, combining theory and practice together for an educational as well as physical journey. With remarkable illustrations, imagery, and techniques, it won't be long before you feel erotically awakened by joining your spiritual and physical together as one. 

  • By author John Mumford
  • Activate your cosmic consciousness
  • Discover sexual ecstasy & its impact on spirituality
  • Build sexual love & passion