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Dreamcatcher Necklace
Dreamcatcher Necklace
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Dreamcatcher Necklace

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The Dreamcatcher Necklace will keep you protected as you sleep or nap as it resides permanently around your neck. The simple dreamcatcher design is made with white metal and beads, acting as a "dream" filter to bring good dreams and prevent nightmares. 

Dreamcatchers are an ancient object used by the Ojibwe people who began this now widely popular method. Over time, other tribes picked up this phenomenon, as well as other nations and cultures. Today, it's also considered a decorative item and is often hung over a bed. With this necklace form, you can keep the negativity away at all times - perfect for daydreamers and nappers! 

  • Made with white metal & beads
  • Dreamcatcher design
  • Bring forth good dreams
  • Keeps bad dreams away
  • 20" with chain