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Dream Amethyst Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Dream Amethyst Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Dream Amethyst Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
Soulstice Shoppe

Dream Amethyst Tower

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Disperse protection, spirituality, and creativity throughout your home or special space with this beautiful Dream Amethyst Tower. Using real Amethyst stone and shaped into a stunning upright tower, it can be easily placed on various surfaces with its flat base. 

The Dream Amethyst Tower is ideal for all-round protection, problem-solving, and boosting creativity. It can also help detox and provide relief from tension and headaches. Amethyst resonates with the third eye chakra, enhancing spiritual work greatly - as such, one can use it in their altar space! 

Utilize the Dream Amethyst Tower in your magical practices and shamanic journeys with its delightful presence. 

  1. Made with real Amethyst stone
  2. Upright tower design
  3. Good for all-round protection
  4. Resonates with the third-eye chakra
  5. Boosts creativity
  6. Detoxes & provides tension relief
  7. A 2" tall

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