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Celtic Eagle Velvet Bag (5x5")
Celtic Eagle Velvet Bag (5x5")
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Celtic Eagle Velvet Bag (5x5")

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Inspired by Celtic tribes, the Eagle Velvet Bag portrays a Celtic interpretation of an Eagle in a traditional design atop a bag made of velvet. This bag closes with a drawstring to secure small items inside, such as coins, personal belongings, or sacred ritual items. 

This bag features a white eagle symbol. Fit it into your bag, keep it nearby in your sacred space, or gift it to a friend with items inside as a neat surprise. Fans of Celtic traditions will be particularly intrigued by its unique design! 

  • Soft velvet material
  • Celtic eagle design
  • Drawstring closure
  • Ideal for small belongings or ritual items
  • Dark color with white crest