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Celestial Rosewood Box Front View
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Celestial Rosewood Box Top View
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Celestial Rosewood Box

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Often used for holding special ornaments or fragrances, this Celestial Rosewood Box is a lovely addition to the home or any spiritual space. This box is made with exquisite rosewood, giving it a natural red color that would accent other similar tones beautifully. 

The Celestial Rosewood Box is handmade and can be easily opened or closed via the hatch. The intricate cut-out holes allow the fragrances within to escape naturally, spreading throughout the surroundings without being too over-bearing. Give it as a gift, or complete your celestial décor with it! 

  1. Made with beautiful rosewood
  2. Hold fragrances, small items, mementos, etc.
  3. Handmade design
  4. Natural red color