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View of two of the Brass Hand Bell 3" - Soulstice Shoppe
View of one Brass Hand Bell 3" - Soulstice Shoppe
Bottom view of Brass Hand Bell 3" - Soulstice Shoppe
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Brass Hand Bell 3"

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This Brass Hand Bell features a clear-toned brass design with sleek, gentle curves and a subtle decoration at the lip for added aesthetic. For centuries, bells were used as a way to signal someone's attention, bring people together, or even as part of a harmonious tune. In particular, they were often used within spiritual practices, and today, they are still used in the same way. 

Whether it's for the home, classroom, altar, or as a unique gift idea, the Brass Hand Bell is useful for decorative and practical purposes. Display it as a symbol of peace and freedom, use it for open and closing a ceremony, and much more. 

  • Clear toned brass
  • Sleek, gentle curves
  • Subtle decoration at the lip
  • Authentic brass material
  • For decorative or practical purposes
  • Size:  3" x 1 1/2"