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Front view of Black Stone Scrying Bowl
Top view of Black Stone Scrying Bowl
Bottom view of Black Stone Scrying Bowl
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Black Stone Scrying Bowl

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A popular divination method is "scrying," a technique where you can look into a reflective surface and view things in a different perspective, place, or time in the hopes of revealing a special message or vision. Scrying is also known as "seeing" or "peeping," words complementing this method. 

This Black Scrying Bowl is an excellent gift idea for scryers or anyone with spiritual tendencies. It not only be used for scrying but also for smudging, burning incense, ritual performances, decorations, and more. It's a versatile, decorative, and useful gift idea for any spiritual individual. 

  1. All-natural stone
  2. Black color
  3. For scrying, smudging, incense burning, etc.
  4. Not Food Safe