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Full view of Black Cat & Pentagram Necklace
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Black Cat & Pentagram Necklace

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This Black Cat & Pentagram Necklace is a stunning representation of your spirituality and is highly symbolic, perfect for those with a passion for magic and an admiration for mystical possessions. The necklace features the iconic pentagram pendant with a stark black cat beside it. While many believe black cats to be a symbol of bad luck or misfortune, some cultures, especially those that are spiritual, know of the black cat to be good omens. In fact, in the English Midlands, black cats were given as wedding gifts as they were believed to bring good fortune and happiness to the bride. Pentagrams are a 5-pointed star polygon with various meanings, but many use it as a talisman in magical evocation. Together, these two pendants, side by side, create a powerful manifestation of magic and spiritual energy. Wear it daily as a reminder of your passion!

1. Black cat & pentagram pendant

2. Mystical design

3. Made of pewter

4. Black cord necklace 5. Lead-free design