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Basil Water (8 oz)
Basil Water (8 oz)
Basil Water (8 oz)
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Basil Water (8 oz)

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Basil Water is made with basil leaves, which are rich in essential oils like eugenol, linalool, and citronella that can boost the fight against inflammation. This makes it a wonderful addition to your bath or shower, helping to ease your body and mind by washing away bad luck and negative thoughts that cause stress or anxiety. 

This can also assist with bringing forth good in your life by uplifting your mood and creating a calm, relaxing experience as you bathe. Put your mind at ease by letting its water wash over you and breathe in the distinctly sweet, warm, and fresh basil scent. 

  • Made with basil leaves
  • Add to your bath or shower
  • Wash away bad luck
  • Bring forth good
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety, inflammation
  • Filled with essential oils