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View of three Authentic Shark Teeth
Close up view of Authentic Shark Tooth
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Authentic Shark Tooth

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A Shark Tooth can be incorporated into spiritual practices and add their unique personal energy to the space. Each tooth is 100% unique and exclusive, chosen at random upon placing the order.

Shark Teeth can be used decoratively or for ritual purposes, symbolizing proud masculinity and potency. They are also a famous symbol of protection, worn by ancient Hawaiians to keep sea dangers at bay. Aside from their symbolic use, shark teeth look great as decorations around the house and can be quite sharp to the touch, so be careful when handling them!

  1. Decorative or ritual purposes
  2. Genuine Shark Tooth
  3. Each tooth is 100% unique
  4. Adds their personal energy to a space
  5. May vary from 1 1/2" x 1