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Front view of Astrophyllite - Fireworks Stone Tower - Soulstice Shoppe
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Astrophyllite - Fireworks Stone Tower

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Calming, grounding, and energizing, the Astrophyllite Fireworks Stone Tower is made of exquisite Astrophyllite - a unique, rare formation of titanium silicate. In fact, the name itself was influenced by a Greek word that means "star leaf," referencing the raw form.

This particular version of Astrophyllite has been shaped into a Fireworks Stone Tower that stands upright on any hard surface. This is a very high vibrational crystal, resonating with all chakras and energizing them. Many use it throughout their life to help relieve anxiety, stress, ADHD, and PMS. 

Display the Astrophyllite Fireworks Stone Tower in your home or keep it in your private spiritual space to activate soul connections, inspire honesty, and to illuminate your true self.

  1. Shaped into an upright tower
  2. Calming & grounding
  3. Highly vibrational qualities
  4. Energizes & resonates with all chakras
  5. Astrophyllite crystal
  6. A 2" tall

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