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Front view of Arcanum Tarot Bag
Back view of Arcanum Tarot Bag
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Arcanum Tarot Bag

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This Arcanum Tarot Bag is a beautiful storage place for your cherished jewelry, keepsakes, crystals, runes, pendulums, and, of course, your tarot cards! You can use it as both storage and a way to transport your small items on travels, keeping them safe, protected, and free of dust or other pollutants. It is easily opened/closed via the drawstring. 

The Arcanum Tarot Bag features a beautiful fantasy-style artwork by Renata Lechner, which will certainly appeal to fans of this art genre. From the vibrant blue color scheme emerges a spiritual lady pouring two jugs of water into the ocean. It's a lovely gift idea or way to keep all of your favorite little items stored. 

  1. Stores decks, jewelry, keepsakes, crystals, runes
  2. Beautiful fantasy-style artwork
  3. Neat gift idea
  4. Size: 6 x 9"