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front view of Anti-Nightmare Spell Bottle
Side view of Anti-Nightmare Spell Bottle
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Anti-Nightmare Spell Bottle

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Nightmares can have a significantly negative impact on your sleep and, therefore, your health. Sleep is crucial to a happy, healthy life, and with this Anti-Nightmare Spell Bottle to aid you, sleep will come more peacefully than ever before. 

If you continuously suffer from nightmares and restless sleep, this unique mix of herbs and stones can be placed on your nightstand, under the pillow/mattress, or in your special magical space for more restful sleep. 

This concoction is sealed inside a glass spell bottle and would also make a unique gift idea for anyone struggling with their sleep! 

  1. Protects you from nightmares
  2. Encourages a more restful sleep
  3. Special concoction of herbs & stones
  4. Place nearby your sleeping area (nightstand, pillow, etc.)
  5.  Anti-Nightmare Spell Bottle is a nice compact size