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Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
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Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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Forge your understanding of the complex animal world with Animal Speak by author Ted Andrews. With techniques that help you recognize and make sense of nature's signs, this guide teaches you how to meet and work with animals as totems or spirit guides, aiding your spiritual journey. 

Learn to interpret animal language and behaviors that impact us spiritually to help identify, meet, and attune to your unique spirit animals. In this book, there are over 100 different animals with information on their power and spiritual significance in our world, including reptiles, birds, mammals, and insects. You will then understand how to call upon these animals for protection and utilize them in other ways for the greater good. 

  • By author Ted Andrews
  • Learn about the wise animal world
  • Over 100 different animals
  • Create a spiritual connection with animals
  • Make sense of nature's signs