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Amethyst Gemstone Sand
Amethyst Gemstone Sand
Amethyst Gemstone Sand
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Amethyst Gemstone Sand

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The incredibly beautiful and protective gemstone of healing, purification, and protection - the Amethyst - takes the form of sand to be used for healing rituals, crafts, spells, and prayers. The practitioner may use it creatively with their sand art, resin art, orgone generators, or even in crystal grids. You could also scatter them around your sacred space during rituals. 

This sand is made by collecting the tiny shards that are ground off during the shaping and polishing process for Amethyst gemstones. Rather than discarding these shards for nothing, they still have as much benefit as their original form, so you can utilize them in the same way! 

  • Amethyst sand
  • Create sand art, resin art, etc.
  • Stone of healing, purifying, protecting
  • Used for rituals, crafts, spells, prayers
  • 180g