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Amerindian Incense - Sweetgrass
Amerindian Incense - Sweetgrass
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Amerindian Incense - Sweetgrass

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The Amerindian Sweet Grass Incense produces a fresh, pure, and sweet scent when burnt. However, in addition to its distinct fragrance, it is also used for ritual purposes. 

For many years, the smoke from burnt sweet grass was used by spiritual practitioners to attract positive energies, good spirits, and to smudge the specific area for purification rituals. It has the power to cleanse the surroundings while eliminating negative energy, which is especially useful prior to ceremonial events. 

Pair this incense with one of our beautiful incense holders to add a decorative and fragrant touch to your home. 

  • Includes 20 sticks
  • Sweet grass scent
  • For ritual & aromatic purposes
  • Attract positive spirits & energy