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Acrylic Triple Moon Athame (7")
Acrylic Triple Moon Athame (7")
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Acrylic Triple Moon Athame (7")

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The Triple Moon Athame is a ceremonial and ritual tool representing a blade. This one is made with acrylic material with a creamy yellow color, designed with the iconic triple moon symbol to represent the Triple Goddess in pagan and Wiccan rituals. This figure symbolizes the Maiden, Mother, and Crone and displays a full moon bordered by waxing and waning moon crescents. 

A popular tool used by modern Wiccans to draw and close sacred circles, you can use this athame in your magic or spiritual traditions in the same way, particularly if you are interested in witchcraft or neopagan culture. 

  • Acrylic material
  • Ceremonial & ritual tool
  • Designed with triple moon
  • Symbolizes the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone)
  • 7" size