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10" Brass Candle Snuffer
10" Brass Candle Snuffer
10" Brass Candle Snuffer
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10" Brass Candle Snuffer

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Traditionally, candles were extinguished using a "candle snuffer," like this exquisite Brass Candle Snuffer. This design features a long handle with a small cone-shaped end that is placed over the flame to snuff it out. This technique avoids blowing hot wax and creating a mess or causing injury.

 This Candle Snuffer is made of tough, golden brass and is well-suited for candle lovers who often experience a mess when blowing out their candles. Plus, its antique style would incorporate perfectly with your other antique ornaments or spiritual relics. 

  1. Made of brass
  2. Snuff out candles as desired
  3. 10" size
  4. Safe & traditional way to extinguish candles