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Litha: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Observing & Celebrating the Power of the Sun 

Lush green grass, blooming gardens, dense trees, warmer weather - summer is officially in full swing. Now is the perfect time to host summertime gatherings outdoors with family and friends and enjoy what Earth has to offer. BBQs, anyone? 

So, what exactly is Litha? 

Litha is the summer solstice Sabbat that celebrates the longest day of the year. With the extra daylight during the day, now is the perfect time to spend a few extra minutes (or hours!) to decompress, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors. This year - 2021 - Litha lands on Monday, June 21st.  

Rituals & Ceremonies 

There are endless ways of celebrating Litha, no matter your personal spiritual preferences and path. Still, the focus is perpetually on rejoicing and celebrating the power of the sun. The Earth is lively with crops growing and ready to harvest during this time, and the weather is substantially warmer. We can take a leisure stroll at a local park, spend the day at the pool, and reconnect with nature during these longer daylight hours. During Litha, the sun officially reaches its highest peak in the sky. This is also the point where the God is most powerful, and the Goddess of the Earth brings forth the highest abundance of the entire year. We usually tend to put a focus on the Element of Fire, but remember to give recognition to the Horned God as well. 

Not sure of how to celebrate? Here's a starter check-off list to get you started! Now, remember, any of these rituals can be accommodated for solo or group practices. 

First, think about rearranging or preparing your space or altar for Litha. Since this Sabbat honors the power of the sun, think about using decorations and tools that represent the season - candles, fruits and vegetables, plants, flowers, and solar symbols. Start the season off on the right foot and host a midsummer night's fire ritual with a great bonfire. If you prefer solitary time, there are simple things you can include into your daily routine. 

Meditate On Light & Darkness 

Pack a small bag and take a day trip to the beach or for a long hike. Take in the sights of nature, deep breathe, and get your body moving. It's a magical and mystical season. Have a seat somewhere, have your family join, or perhaps read a good book.

The celebrations don't end here, as there are other ways to honor this time of natural wonders. From homemade meads, bird watching, fishing, and other activities, there is plenty to do!

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