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Celebrating Beltane 2021

Beltane, May Day, Walpurgisnacht, Roodmas, Cétamain. Whatever you choose to call it, it's almost time to rejoice!

Beltane Blessings!

With Beltane on the near horizon (May 1st!), we look forward to ways we can celebrate. Almost always, the focus is on fertility. If you aren't familiar with or need a refresher on all-things Beltane, let us be your pilot.

May Day is a celebration beginning each year spanning from April 31st until May 1st in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a midway milestone between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, along with the energy of Taurus being increased at this time. 

The Celtic Sun God, Belenus: Bright One.

Teine: Fire. 

Thus, providing the meaning Bright Fire. 

 Practices & Rituals

Host a bonfire with a group of the May Queen and King of the Forest's symbolic unity. Beltane is a fire festival, and so this tradition is usually fulfilled on March 31st before the sun comes up. Jump over the fire to heal from your past, welcome good luck, and shed the remnants of winter. 

You might be familiar with the idea of celebrating Spring by dancing and weaving ribbons around a Maypole. The traditional Maypole dance commemorates fertility with each individual holding the end of a colorful ribbon - women going one way, men going the other until the bare pole is no longer visible. 

The Height of Spring

It's a celebration of which we welcome the arrival of Spring and the longer days it brings. The Earth is green and full, crops are plentiful, animals are grazing, and life is emerging after winter doldrums. Beltane is both literal and symbolic. Are you experiencing rejuvenation? Are you releasing anything this season? Are you committing to anything? What are your yearnings and goals? Do you sense a newfound excitement in your life?

Beltane is about sensuality, sex, and fertility. Whether you plan to celebrate with a partner, group, or solo, it's a sensual event everyone can enjoy, guilt-free. It's a special time to appreciate nature, life itself, warmth, and love. The fertility aspect can correlate to various things, such as conceiving a child or fostering creative plans. This can be a project, something you wish to create, a new profession, an artistic endeavor, or anything you hope to be. 


During Beltane, it's believed that the veil between the living and the dead is sheer, so it's an excellent time to converse with nature spirits and fairies. With fairies, there might come good and wicked intentions. If you are someone who's interested in dealing with fairies, we recommend only inviting ones in with a specific purpose without bargains or deals.

There are undoubtedly many things to be grateful for. We hope you have yourselves a wonderful Beltane. We wish for everyone to celebrate it in good health and to the fullest.

Our warmest blessings upon all who wander this way! 

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