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The Rise of the New Age Movement - A religious & spiritual movement

You're probably wondering the who's, what's, why's, and huhs. 

We are here to better explain all-things New Age. 

Although the spiritual beliefs associated with the New Age movement began long before, the movement itself started gaining it's fast traction in the early 1960s, as people began to reject formalized organizations and question the traditional cultural values of generations before them. These same people started to speak out in favor of gender equality, race equality, sexual freedom, and unity. A shift towards pluralistic religious beliefs began, and masses began to renounce religious traditions. Instead, they supported a personalized belief system incorporating an array of mystical and spiritual ideas.

Fast forward to the present day. The New Age Movement is thriving - and rightfully so. It's an opportunity for many people to accept and reject organized religions.... or determine the beliefs they identify with. It's a belief that spirituality is innate, and a person will discover their own path of nourishment. There is no true definition of what the New Age exactly is except perhaps to say it's people who share a shared vision of enlightenment and harmony.

However, there is a set of common core beliefs - both religious and philosophical beliefs. Monism, all in one. Pantheism, everything is God. Mysticism, the experience of oneness with the divine. Man is God. The mind creates reality. 

Characteristics might often include:

We are on the verge of an amazing spiritual transformation.

Discovering self-love, empowerment, and fulfillment.

The harmonic connection between scientific progress and spirituality.

Universal connection - people and cosmos are harmonic. 

Experimenting through mediation and natural methods. 

Though listed, these are often spread beyond those limitations to better suit an individual's personal beliefs. 

Usually, New Agers don't limit their belief system. Some are eclectic. That simply means these individuals obtain their ideas from a variety of sources. They might consult a holy book and still hold no hesitation if they desire to consult with astrologers, palm readers, tarot cards, or other practices. 

Have you heard of New Agers being syncretistic? It's a blend of two (or more!) religious or cultural beliefs. They believe there is truth among different traditions, beliefs, and religions. For example: Jesus, UFOs, dress-code views, etc. 

You can have your truth, and I can have my truth.

New Agers are well-known for this. We have our own values, but we will never infringe on someone else's. 

Meditation has become a staple amongst New Agers. The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of meditation are surpassing. Many people opt to utilize this practice to support their own well-being. It's a great way of promoting inner stillness and shifting one's focus. Other common techniques New Agers experience range anywhere from tarot cards, aromatherapy, acupuncture, prayer, astrology, smudging, and beyond. These experiences help to open the door of a spiritual awakening. You'll be equipped with knowledge and tools to take your spirituality into your own hands.

Hopefully, you've learned a little something about The New Age Movement. Keep an eye out for good reads in the future! There's always something to learn about from the past - and the world of the New Age is ever changing. Today, be bold, be kind, and be happy. 

Blessed Be,


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