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Gifting Guide For Yuletide

With Yule just around the corner, many of us are trying (with difficulty) to brainstorm and come up with creative gift ideas for friends and family and finding the perfect gift for them can seem impossible!

Our Pagan and alternative belief community typically use a combination of items that help maintain our spirituality throughout our lives. These items vary depending on many things, so it can be daunting to know where to start if you're trying to think of gift ideas!

Whether you're searching for the perfect spiritual gift for a friend/relative or you want to find a unique and never-thought-of gift idea, this gifting guide will have you well-educated on all of the spiritual gifts you can offer!

Aromatherapy Gifts

For many years, aromatherapy has been practiced as a way to be more in touch with your spiritual self. Today, there are still millions who use it not only for spiritual purposes but also for emotional wellbeing and to add fragrance to a particular area, whether it be the house, office, or workspace. 

Aromatherapy can help create an environment that relaxes the mind and gets you in the mindset to be more spiritually aware. It can assist with meditation and mindfulness, coaxing you into a more relaxed state and allowing you to focus on or tune with your spirituality.

 Aromatherapy gifts, as found on Soulstice Shop, can include items like incense burners, backflow burners, incense, diffusers, oils, and more. We have a variety of beautiful incense burners that would create wonderfully unique gift ideas!

Bath & Body Gifts

Self-care is another way people become more spiritually aware, so it only makes sense to gift them some bath and body gifts to help! 

Soaps and bath kits are great bath & body gift ideas, for anyone! When you can't think of anything, this is a safe option. Everyone needs some soap and self-care items in their life to keep clean, happy, and healthy.

 Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones are a popular item among our community. In particular, "crystal therapy" is a practice seen among many to help those seeking to uncover their benefits. Plus, they look beautiful! 

With that in mind, crystals and stones will no doubt appeal to both beginner or advanced spiritual personas. One can place them on their bedside table, office desk, shelves, and wherever else they want to emit the crystal energy and display their raw beauty. 

There are many different types of crystals, and knowing which one to get may seem daunting. You can perform research on the different crystals to get to know them and gift one with a special meaning - for example, the Rose Quartz represents love and fertility, so it's perfect for a romantic partner gift. Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom and truth universally. 

Salt and Rose Quartz Lamps are another creative gift idea and are a raging trend right now. They are thought to boost mood, improve sleep, and assist with many ailments while also looking absolutely stunning within a room once lit. 

Soulstice Shoppe stocks various crystals and stones that you can browse through, too!


Help your gift receiver brush up on their knowledge or discover even more about their spirituality with a book. Our collection of books range from intriguing stories like "Haunted Rails" by Mathew L. Swayne to educational content like The Language of Tarot by Jeannie Reed. 

After all, who doesn't love a good book to read during their downtime?

Herbal Tea + Tea Sets

Tea and tea sets are the ongoing fantasy of many spiritually aware people. Herbal teas are often enjoyed for their incredible health benefits, and themed tea sets to match this can be a great way to piece together a special gift. 

We sell witch-themed tea sets along with various handcrafted herbal teas that come in different blends for distinct benefits, like relaxation or energizing the mind.


Candles may or may not be combined with aromatherapy, depending on your use for them. Candles can come unscented or scented, in that regard, and people use them accordingly. 

Some will use them specifically for aromatherapy, burning them to add fragrance to a room and to set the mood. Others will use them merely for atmospheric purposes and to activate a more spiritual vibe within the space. 

In that regard, candles can also be another excellent gift idea! Combine it with a special candleholder, and you have the perfect gift set.

 Antique Accessories/Objects

Why not surprise your friend, relative, or lover with a more unique type of gift to complement their spiritual way of life? Antique Locks, Altar Tables, Handheld Mirrors, Divine Statues, and many more items can make dreams come true. 

In particular, our creative Mugs for drinking coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, or virtually any other liquid are a very popular choice for gifting. 

You can find many of these special antique objects in our Hearth & Home collection - a range filled with items that are bound to pique their interest. These are certainly more catered towards the more advanced spiritual personas or anyone who admires unique, antique items for their home.

Divination Gifts

This is yet another idea for  people who find themselves curious about the unknown and divinity. Our Tarot and Rune sets can make brilliant gift ideas if they are interested in divination or taking their spirituality to the next level! 

Sacred Space Gifts

Anyone who is spiritually aware will more than likely have a dedicated "Sacred Space" in which they go to meditate, practice rituals and get in touch with their spiritual side. This gives you an advantage with the gift ideas because there are many things that can be added to a sacred space, as listed in our Sacred Space Items collection. 

This could include, goblets, statues, bells, spoons, altar tables, and more, depending on their interests or what you know about their likes/dislikes. If you want to gift something truly unique, this is the collection to browse.


Finally, you can gift various stationery items to enhance their spiritual practices. These Pagan Greeting Cards, Sealing Wax Kits, and Calligraphy Sets immediately exude a nostalgic feel of a bygone era when wax kits and antique calligraphy items were used to write down important messages, spells, and more. 

You could even purchase the Pagan Greeting Cards and gift it with another item after writing in the card to share your appreciation for them!

 Now, It's Up To You!

As you can see, there are so many different spiritual gift ideas for you to think about. We hope this gifting guide for the spiritually aware has prepared you more for the special occasion!

Most Importantly, we want to wish everyone a very merry Yuletide and Happy New Year!


Soulstice Shoppe

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