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Spoiler: Inside Our May Boxes

We’re back with more exciting boxes for you to enjoy! They’re chalked full of divine care products, novelty items, and trinkets designed to provide you with inner calmness and variety. The theme for this month’s Wheel of the Year box is a spring grab bag featuring several items aimed to get you in the perfect headspace to enjoy the season of revival!  

‏To refresh your memory on how it works, both the Wheel of the Year box and the Essential box have the same products. Just like last time, Wheel of the Year does contain a few bonus goodies.

We’ll go over each product with you and delve into the WOTY bonus offerings, including an ancient runes poster and a Celtic pendant necklace. Ready? 

Essential and Wheel of the Year include: 

  • ‏Goddess altar cloth: You can drape this beautiful cloth displaying a fertility goddess anywhere in your space to feel protected and at ease.
  • ‏Spiritual Life HEM stick (20 pack): Breathe happily with these 20 incense sticks designed to bring a peaceful vibe to your home.‏
  • ‏Sage leaf cut 1oz: This product is kept stored in a sealed container. Spiritually, sage is a multifaceted herb that aims to protect you from negative energy and enhances your intuition. It can also magnify your wisdom.‏
  • ‏Worry doll set: Tiny worry dolls are for telling your troubles to. Think of them as your trustworthy friends - If you ever feel riddled with anxiety, you can tell a worry doll. Hopefully, it will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. ‏
  • ‏Anna Riva rose water (2 ounces): Spiritually, possessing rose water can bring romance, tenderness, and affection into your life. It’s also meant to bring uplifting and positive energy into your world. Add it to your bath, dab a little over your skin for a fresh scent, or use it on dry hands. However you choose to use it, it'll be sure to uplift your mood.‏
  • ‏A set of black and white tea light candles. Classical colors with the same peaceful effect!‏


Here are the extra offerings that exclusively come with the Wheel of the Year box:


  • ‏Runes poster: Runes are an ancient language system containing runic alphabets. This poster is a spiritual and educational display of various mystical ancient runes and trees. ‏
  • ‏Light parchment (12 pack ): This paper is wonderful for scribbling down your musings and thoughts. it's cute small 2 inch size makes it perfect for any jar spell as well!  You can also use them to note your incantations for any work your completing‏
  • ‏Selenite keychain: You’ll get a unique keychain made of selenite crystal, which has healing properties and can eliminate negative, dark energy from your surroundings. ‏
  • ‏Celtic pendant necklace on a 16" snake chain: Each magic lover will get a unique sterling silver pendant on a snake chain. ‏

‏Make no mistake, we’ve chosen each product carefully and thoughtfully to fit the theme of spring. We believe this month’s boxes fit the spring themes of rejuvenation, restoration, and starting a fresh journey with positive energy. If you’re interested in what else Soulstice Shoppe has to offer, check out our website today!

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