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September & Mabon Boxes

Hello friends!

If you're a longtimer, welcome back. If you're a newbie, welcome to the tribe! It is an honor to help people on their magickal journey in life. I'm here as a guide, mentor, and friend to help others align with positive energies of the universe to live a meaningful life. Anyways, let me catch you up to speed! Every month, I release two unique subscription boxes filled with anything from incense, herbs, altar decor, crystals, jewelry, candles, smudge sticks, oils, and oh so much more. Every item is picked thoughtfully and has a purpose. 

This Month's Theme... The Mabon Sabbat. 

Mabon - The second harvest sabbat. It's one of the biggest sabbats of the year, so that means I wanted this month to be one of the best yet. So, I put together another two lovely subscription boxes just for you. If you're like me, you're super ready to welcome the Autumn season. Because of this special season, I was excited to focus these boxes on Mabon. 

Okay witchy ones, let's take a peek, shall we?


Inside both boxes - Essential & Wheel of the Year:


Frankincense Smudge Stick: Like I've always said, Frankincense is an encouragement to open your Third Eye to heighten awareness and banish negativity. Using the smudge stick, go room to room and ward your home. 

Golden Rose Bowl: A delightful, moody smudge burner bowl that is out of this world. Simply place and burn - and be safe! 

Butterfly Tote Bag: When we say witchy aesthetic, we mean it. Perfect for carrying your self-love pouch, tarot deck, perfume, and other possessions in. You can even put a small blanket, your favorite beverage, a blue-tooth speaker and go commune with nature – It’s perfect for outings! 

Tibetan Chamomile Incense (30 sticks!): A soft, herbal fragrance generally used for offerings and cleansing the mind. Use before or during meditation for a positive space. 

Evil Eye Talisman Keyring | Double Owl: The Evil Eye Talisman is used for spiritual protection and to defend you from negative energy. Have it with you on your keyring no matter where you go! 

Red, Orange, & Yellow Spell Candles: The colors of Harvest. Red candles embody passion and vitality and can aid in fast changes. Orange candles are helpful for matters involving success, justice, and creativity. Yellow candles help with wit and intuition and are often associated with the sun and its elements.


And of course, the Wheel of the Year includes those PLUS more! Check it out...


Prosperity Gemstone Therapy Bag: Attract positive energy and encourage wealth and good fortune with this sweet little sac filled with minerals and gems. This travels wonderfully inside of our Butterfly Tote! 

Wolf Sew-On Patch: A howling wolf with a full moon lingering in the back. Sew it onto a bag, blue jean jacket, or whatever your heart desires. 

Witch Hazel Leaf-Cut: When you think of witch hazel, you probably think of healing properties. You are correct! It can assist with healing powers, diminishing negativity, balancing emotions, and protection. 

Solomon's Seal Root-Cut: Solomon's Seal Root is great for decision making, accepting and seeking change, and breaking bad habits. Perhaps keep some with you in a small pouch as you seek renewal and transformation. 

Yarrow Flower: Can be used in charms, amulets, and doorways for spiritual healing and protection. Also incredible for love spells (and future love!) and promoting courage within. 

Blessed Be and Happy Mabon to each of you. I hope this month is filled with exciting adventures, fresh opportunities, and love. I'm already deep into getting next month's boxes ready, so stay tuned and enjoy for now!

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